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    “Connect with your customers wherever they are! Making it easy for customers to do business with you”

    Subheading: *According to Gartner, Mobile apps have become the official channel to drive content and services to consumers. Using big data collated via apps can drastically improve value to consumers. Businesses that develop data tracking and analytics will improve delivery to customers, increasing customer loyalty and acquisition. * Gartner Predicts 2014: Apps, Personal Cloud and Data Analytics Will Drive New Consumer Interactions Stephanie Baghdassarian, Brian Blau, Jessica Ekholm, Sandy Shen 22 November 2013.

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    People talk, and everyday they’re talking about your company or your products on Twitter, Google, and Facebook. If you can’t follow these conversations, then your contact center needs a makeover.

    Go All-in-one! Connect with your customers on every channel. Vocalcom lets you tap into customer conversations wherever they occur – including by phone, email, chat and more modern channels like Twitter, Facebook, and Google. As an advocate of an ‘omni-channel’ (or channel agnostic) approach to customer care, Vocalcom was keen to find out how companies are currently meeting the challenge of serving customers over the wide array of channels now available to them.

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  • According to Gartner, customers expect to be supported regardless of channel, yet social media engagement is missing from current CRM customer service contact center products, frustrating chief customer officers and vice presidents of customer support. By 2015, organizations that have not embraced the concept of the customer engagement center will lose customers to competitors that have.*
    * Gartner, Social Media for CRM Will Force a Shift From Contact Centers to Customer Engagement Centers, Michael Maoz,01 April 2013

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  • Critical Contact Center Capabilities & Contact Center Technology Trends

    Navigate The Future Of Customer Service. Use Forrester’s customer service trends impact analysis framework to understand the key business trends unfolding in the next five years to make your plans bulletproof.

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