Business Internet

  • Neural’s national business-grade network provides faster, more reliable, locally supported connections.
    Unleash the true potential of your business on our quality controlled, performance tuned network.”

    • Constant Performance – All of our internet plans are designed and built for business use
    • Transparent and Manageable – Online usage metering and reporting tools, with limit alerts
    • Cloud Connected – Built-in Private IP connects directly to cloud services

Flexible connectivity options

  • Our broad range of connecitivity technologies provide you the freedom to connect your business the way you choose. Options start from ADSL and scale all the way up to dedicated Fibre Optic to your premises.
    Technologies available include:

    • EFM (up to 10M/10M)
    • Wireless (up to 100M)
    • NBN (up to 100M/25M)
    • Ethernet (up to 1Gbit)
    • Fibre Optic (up to 1Gbit)
    • ADSL (up to 8M/1M)
    • ADSL2+ (up to 24M/1M)
    • ADSL2+ Annex M (up to 21M/3M)
    • Bonded ADSL2+ (up to 84M/12M)
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Managed, Seamless Internet Service


Neural’s premium quality internet connections provide a truly business-oriented approach to internet connectivity. Our network is constantly monitored for speed, availability, latency and path diversity – facilitating a speedy and uninterupted pipe for your cloud and online requirements.

Further to that effect, our internet services are provided as an end-to-end managed solution – with remotely managed router and equipment options available.

Transparent, flexible and powerful

Our comprehensive Online Management Portal allows you to monitor, report on and control your connections. Whether you’re managing a single office, or a national network of branch offices – our Portal toolkit provides you with unequaled visitbility and control over all aspects of the service.

Built-in Private IP for Cloud and MPLS

All of our connections come with built-in Private IP – which allows direct connectivity to Neural’s suite of hosted cloud services – including Voice, IaaS, Server and Backup options. Your cloud traffic is automatically prioritized over general internet traffic using Quality of Service (QoS) control – meaning your Voice calls sound crystal clear, Hosted Workstations are responsive and secure and Cloud Backups don’t use your internet download quota.