“Minimise deployment and maintainence costs, simplify scaling and let your IT infrastructure shine, on one of Australia’s most trusted cloud infrastructures. Join thousands of Australian businesses making the move to the cloud today, with confidence and peace of mind that you’re working with the experts. “

  • What is it?

    Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is the next generation of server and workstation deployment. It enables you to outsource the equipment used to support your operations operations, including servers, workstations, storage, backup and networking components to our cloud infrastructure. Neural manages all the hardware, maintainence and backup of your infrastructure, saving you time and money, while providing you with a trouble-free, fast and reliable I.T. infrastrucutre.

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  • Built on the most reliable hardware, with the latest and best technologies

    We originally built the Neural cloud to run our own critical applications and services that operate our communications network – so no compromise was been made and no expense spared. What we’ve built is one of Australia’s most reliable and powerful cloud platforms to date.

    • IBM – the most trusted hardware manufacturer worldwide
    • NetApp – world leader in storage equipment and technologies
    • Juniper Networks – leading manufacturer of telco-grade network infrasturcture