Private IP and MPLS


”¬†Neural Private-IP provides a direct connection between your office and our high-speed network. Our tails have no data limits and provide a guaranteed level of availability. A DSL tail is the ideal method to connect to our network for voice, offsite backup, or for accessing your co-located equipment.”

Flexible connectivity options

  • Our broad range of connecitivity technologies provide you the freedom to connect your business the way you choose. Options start from ADSL and scale all the way up to dedicated Fibre Optic to your premises.
    Technologies available include:

    • EFM (up to 10M/10M)
    • Wireless (up to 100M)
    • NBN (up to 100M/25M)
    • Ethernet (up to 1Gbit)
    • Fibre Optic (up to 1Gbit)
    • ADSL (up to 8M/1M)
    • ADSL2+ (up to 24M/1M)
    • ADSL2+ Annex M (up to 21M/3M)
    • Bonded ADSL2+ (up to 84M/12M)
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Essential Connectivity for Cloud Services

Neural’s Private IP connections provide direct connectivity to our suite of hosted cloud services – including Voice, IaaS, Server and Backup options.

Your cloud traffic is automatically prioritised over general internet traffic using Quality of Service (QoS) control – meaning your Voice calls sound crystical clear, Hosted Workstations are responsive and secure and Cloud Backups don’t use your internet download quota.