Cloud Back Up

“In the event of a disaster such as fire, flood or critical equipment failure, it is important to ensure you have an offsite copy of your data to allow recovery from such events.

Neural Networks provides time-tested, reliable offsite backup solutions tailored for small business to enterprise customers.

Retreive your data online

In the event of a disaster (or any time a restoration is needed), your data is always instantly available via the internet.

You can retrive it at any time from any internet connected computer, to get back up and running as soon as possible. You can choose to restore all of your data, or quickly retreive a single file by downloading it through your web browser.

    • Instantly restore your data over the internet
    • Download backups of individual files through your web browser.
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Retreive your data on disk
  • You can order a copy of your data on disk at any time, which can be delivered to you on the same day in most metro areas.

    We start copying your data to disk within minutes of your request and dispatch it to you via a direct car, or on the first available flight to your location. This unique feature lets you restore a large amount of data in a very short amount of time – bringing your time to resolution down dramaticly. In some cases this can save you hours of downtime – which can mean thousands of dollars.

100% Secure

Neural’s cloud backup solution operates from a secure datacenter site in Australia – protected by a combination of RFID access cards, secure pin codes, CCTV and a “man trap”.

Your data is stored on a secured storage area network in this facility and is protected by Juniper firewall and intrusion detection systems – only you can access your data using your username and password. Data transit to and from this network is secured by a minimum 128-bit encrypted VPN*, preventing any unauthorised access to your data. Optionally you may secure your data in transit even further with an off-internet private IP connection.

    • Heavy site security
      • RFID access control cards
      • Secure PIN codes
      • 24×7 CCTV surveillance
      • “Man trap” prevents unauthorized access
    • Secure storage network
      • Juniper firewall protected
      • Juniper IDS (Intrustion detection system) protected
    • Secure 128-Bit encrypted transmission*
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Upgrade to Private-IP

You can upgrade your cloud backup service to include a private IP connection to maximise operation throughput and even further enhance security.

This approach removes your ISP from the equation and alleviates internet quota usage concerns. We provide connections via DSL, wireless, microwave, fiber and more

    • Maximise throughput – up to 100mbit connections available
    • Further enhance security – data never crosses the internet
    • Doesn’t use your internet download quota

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