Everything You Need to Amaze Your Customers

Service Overview

Customers want it to be easy to do business with you. Deliver easy and fast customer service by phone, e-mail, SMS, IM or over the Web.

  • Start Fresh: A customer service software made just for you

    Here’s everything you need for a better customer service and happy service agents

    Easily build and quickly implement a new, fully-featured, customer service center that is specifically tailored for your needs. calltime is a customer service software designed for companies that want to create customer relationships that are more meaningful, personal, and productive. Our customer service software helps thousands of companies of every size, decrease time-to-market, and reduce customer service costs while increasing customer satisfaction. Companies must be accessible and responsive through multiple channels, including a website, social media, mobile, stores and call centers.

  • Delivering great customer service has never been easier

    86% of your customers will pay more for a great customer experience

    Connect more deeply with your customers, innovate and distinguish yourself from competitors with our customer service software. Our customer service software easily integrate into business application, and helps agents work together to respond quickly and deliver joined-up customer service. With integrated knowledge they’ll always be giving customers the right answer – that will make your staff more productive, and your business more profitable. Customer service software has never been this user friendly, or more cost-effective.

  • Customer service software for a productive customer service

    Lower handle times, abandon rates, and telco costs

    Add More: Increase the potential of your customer service center. With our customer service software, you easily add new capabilities, such as proactive alerts and notifications, virtual queuing that eliminate hold time, feedback management, or temporarily increase the capacity of your customer service software. No fixed costs or long deployment cycles. Simply pay for what you use. Our customer service software helps organisations to show customers that they value their time and are dedicated to true customer service.

Cloud-based Contact Center Software

[Extraordinary Inbound Customer Care]

A single, ‘complete’ communication platform, that’s scalable and untuitive to use. Extend beyond traditional inbound channels to provide a unique single customer journey.

  • 37%

    Increase first call resolution (FCR)

  • 34%

    Reduce average handling time (AHT)

  • 41%

    Boost agent productivity


  • Inbound Contact

    There are many channels a customer can choose from to communicate with a company today, not least via the phone, email, SMS, web chat and social networks. Traditional Call Center products were built based on an evolution of channel support, starting out with Automatic Call Distribution, (ACD), evolving to include email and SMS, and then through customer demand, quite literally an explosion of other channels.

  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

    Intelligent distribution of calls is something that calltime has been re-inventing for many years, refining and perfecting to ensure the optimum solution to connect customer and agent. Of course there’s a built in concierge capability, affording customers the ability to simply ‘opt’ to have their place in the queue held for them, “no more waiting on hold”. Skills based routing is also intuitive to set up and available across ALL inbound channels, including social.

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

    OK, so the calltime IVR is where things really get interesting. Simply put, whatever you can ‘think of’ in terms of exceptionally ‘advanced’ routing, you can implement. Route to your top performers based on an abstracted database query of positive dispositions against a timeline and on a particular campaign? – no problem.

Key Features

[The Features You Will Love]
Here are the most inspired and useful features of the most versatile contact center software available today

    • Intelligent Routing. Universal queue for voice, email, chat, social media and more. Our skills-based quickly matches callers in your queue to the agents who can best help them. That means efficient call resolution, happy customers and money saved.
    • Flatten Peaks in Call Volume. Automatically call back customers who don’t want to wait when your agents are available, increasing agent productivity during less-busy times by offering customers a callback option.
    • Repeat callers. Repeat callers are put to the head of the queue and delivered, along with their call history, to the last agent they had contact with when it’s possible.
    • Collaborate in real time. Agents can communicate with ease using instant messaging and our built-in chat feature. Your agents can collaborate, share insights, or get input from supervisors instantly.
    • Multi-channel virtual queuing. Respond to customers faster and easier, no matter how they contact you. Virtualize and scale enterprise routing rules and contact distribution. An Intelligent universal routing for a seamless cross-channel customer experience.
    • Advanced Voice Interaction (IVR). Reduce costs and enhance customer service levels with effective voice interaction. You can automate routine enquiries, give high-value customers priority, spread agents’ workload and survey your customers.
    • Easy & Powerful customization. Easy for non-techies to use and update. Easily customize your own IVR, including speech applications, touchtone call routing, secure transaction processing, and post-call surveys.
    • Drag-and-drop interface. Make adjustments in a snap and incorporate intelligent routing based on customer information into your call flows. Leverage our collection of optimized IVR templates based on best practices.
    • Call Recording. Improve performances and the quality by monitoring and evaluating agent interactions.
    • PCI-DSS compliant. Level 1 payment solutions to protect against credit card fraud.
    • Mobile Live Connect. Contextual customer data takes the concept of effortless interactions to the next level. With our Mobile, customers can simply connect directly to an agent, who receives session information, customer history, preferences, location, and other contextual information for quick resolution.
    • Personnal Concierge: Call Back. Automatically call back customers who don’t want to wait.
    • Customer Satisfaction Surveys. Gain understanding about customer wants and needs with telephone surveys.
    • Award-Winning Agent Desktop. Single Sign-on – Custom Call Scripting – Simply Powerful – Agents & supervisors love the simplicity and advanced features.
    • Seamless CRM Integrations. Works with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, other third-party CRM systems are supported through a simple and powerful API.
    • CTI Screen Pops. Push customer information to the agent desktop. Real-time information. Increases agents efficiency and customer satisfaction by saving processing time and providing agents with complete customer interaction history.
    • Dashboards and Reports. Complete customer insight. No complicated setup, just the customer service metrics that are important to you. In real time. Add new reports and dashboards, or customize existing ones, without calling IT. It’s simple. Just drag and drop..
    • Real-time Monitoring. Monitor your KPIs and valuable metrics from Anywhere. Advanced reporting and easy-to-use administration interface lets you manage and track your campaigns.
    • Powerful Configuration Manager. Instant Changes – Be nimble, make changes instantly online without IT. Agents, Supervisors & Administrators love the simplicity and advanced features.
    • First-class Customer Service. Automatically capture, route, manage, integrate, orchestrate, and report on inbound and outbound customer interactions of all types with industry-leading contact center solutions.
    • Dialing Speed at your fingertips. calltime’s proven predictive dialer algorithm starts dialing on multiple simultaneous lines to maximize productivity, passing them the next call the moment they are ready.
    • Unmatched Performances.  calltime’s speed of delivering the call to an agent, or a procedure such as leaving a recorded message, is the fastest in the industry.
    • Answering Machine Screening. Reach more contacts with automated messaging options for answering machines. Leave automatically a custom voice message on answering machines and route inbound return phone calls to the same agents.
    • Time Zone & Do Not Call List. Auto-time zone adjustments allowed call time frame and based on the area code of the number you are dialing, to auto-adjust the time frame. better yet, 100% Do-Not-Call list Protection.
    • Call-back and Appointment Setting. Access to sophisticated calling features. Agents can schedule agent-specific or general call-backs or manage appointment setting. For general call-backs, our exclusive call engine automatically choose the best time to call back to increase your contact rate.
    • Robust Collaborative Dashboard. Agents can communicate with ease using instant messaging and our built-in chat feature.
    • Digital video monitoring and call recording. Improve performances and the quality by monitoring and evaluating agent interactions.
    • Automated broadcast. Phone tool capable of quickly delivering thousands of individually customized phone messages. You can also let Customers respond or be transfered to a live agent
    • Award-Winning Agent Desktop. Single Sign-on – Custom Call Scripting – Simply Powerful – Agents & supervisors love the simplicity and advanced features – Manage calls, email, Tweet, SMS, fax & chat interactions through a single interface.
    • CTI Screen Pops. Push customer information to the agent desktop. Real-time information. Increases agents efficiency and customer satisfaction by saving processing time and providing agents with complete customer interaction history.
    • Seamless CRM Integrations. Works with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, other third-party CRM systems are supported through a simple and powerful API.
    • List & Campaign Management. Load, filter, and assign lists and campaigns in advance so that new programs or lists can begin dialing automatically, without supervisor intervention.
    • Real-time Performance Reporting. Advanced reporting and easy-to-use administration interface lets you manage and track your campaigns. Monitor your KPIs and valuable metrics in real time from anywhere.
    • Configuration Manager. Instant Changes – Be nimble, make changes instantly online without IT. Agents, Supervisors & Administrators love the simplicity and advanced features.
    • Agent Occupancy Rate. Our predictive dialer software automatically filters out answering machines, busy signals, disconnected calls, and fax machines – connect your agents only to live answers.
    • PCI-DSS Compliant. Level 1 payment solutions to protect against credit card fraud.
    • Email Management.  calltime interpret the content of messages and route to best skilled agent and offer a complete view of all previous email threads and all other channel interactions. So you can organize, assign, queue, and prioritize email inquiries.
    • Auto-acknowledgement. Auto-Reply Immediately and confirms receipt of inquiries and sets response-time expectations for customers.
    • Intelligent auto-response. Provides fast, prepared responses to commonly asked questions, reducing the number of agent inquiries.
    • Auto-suggested solutions. Analyzes incoming inquiries and sends automated, accurate replies with links to relevant answers in the knowledge base. The result: first-touch resolution before an inquiry ever enters the agent queue.
    • Standard Response Library. Empowers agents with the right answers, delivering consistency no matter what channels. Helps agents respond to new or unique issues by automatically suggesting possible answers based on the content of each customer inquiry.
    • Agent response. Increases agent productivity by providing access to standard response templates and access to the knowledge base.
    • Intelligent routing according to business rules. Efficiently manages incoming e-mail and Web form flow by automatically assigning inquiries to appropriate agents based on content, time, customer type, and even emotional level.
    • Escalation rules. Notifies managers and triggers follow-up to help meet response commitments or provide special handling of priority customers.
    • Single Integrated Knowledge Base. Increase agent productivity with standard response templates and access to knowledge base.
    • Unified Customer Interaction Record. Increase customer satisfaction and save processing time by providing agents with complete customer interaction history. Shares a common customer interaction record, so conversations can change channels without losing context.
    • First-touch Resolution. Improve first-touch resolution with auto suggested solutions.
    • Live Chat On Demand. Cobrowse. Sit in your customers navigation through your website.
    • Chat On-Demand. Chat buttons can be displayed whenever agents are available, allowing customers to initiate chat engagements whenever and wherever they need help—from their desks, smartphones, or tablets. Up to 8 simultaneous chats. Multi-language support.
    • Proactive Chat. Through its extensive intelligence capabilities that examine customer behavior, customer data, and even web analytics, calltime will proactively offer for immediate connection with a live person and deliver the right chat invitation to the right customer at the right time.
    • Video Chat. As business strive to bring the in-store experience to online customers, more and more companies embrace video chat as the ultimate type of engagement for high-value customers and transactions. There is nothing more engaging than a face-to-face conversation—even beyond that of the typical in-store experience!
    • Targeted Offers. By delivering personalized messages and offers anywhere on your site, calltime enables you to create highly personalized experiences that have proven to drive remarkable results for leading global brands
    • Channel Pivoting. Channel pivoting from chat to email, social, or voice for a seamless cross-channel experience
    • Live video chat with e-shoppers. Offer face-to-face customer service on your website. Help your customers buy with confidence. Face to face selling decrease average handle time and signyficantly improve sales.
    • Manage Chat preferences. Make it easy for customer. Let them choose their communication preferences : Chat only, Audio chat or video chat. Up to eight text chat simultaneously.
    • Discussion. Real-time availability: you are displayed only if you are available, the web user does not wait. Multi-lingual, Customized pre-typed messages, Text chat only, Audio + text chat, Video + text chat.
    • Mobile Chat. Connect with your customers wherever they are.
    • Proactive Chat. Engage your online visitors to increase your conversion rate.
    • Detects Returning Visitors. Automatically detects returning visitors on your site as prospects, customers, or any other segment you would like to identify
    • CRM knowledge base. Discussions history, Discussion tagging ans notepad, Customers can leave messages when you are not available..
    • Geo Location Map. Geo Localize and target your visitors online in real time.
    • Click-to-call. Access to sophisticated calling features. Turn every web page to a phone to ignite your Sales.
    • Web Call Back. When a website visitor submits a form, including a telephone number, the calltime APIs automatically populate that number in a list within the calltime dialer for an immediate call back to the visitor and a live conversation with an agent. Improve productivity and increase sales be translating website visits directly to live conversations.
    • Co-browsing. Redirect your visitors to the right web page.
    • Transfer chats. Send live chat to any other agent online for escalation.
    • Analytics Data Console. Leverage Your Web Analytics Data, Survey and forms to Increase Engagement and Conversion Rate.
    • Web Page Push. Open product details or other helpful information in your visitor’s browser.
    • Targeting. With TheWave, choose where in your site funnel you want to target visitors. Target the customers who are ready to check out, or any visitor segmentation based on your CRM inputs, cart, visitor registration…. and more.
    • Multi-website. Agents simultaneously present on several web sites with a single interface.
    • Results You Can See. 20% increases in conversions, 35% increases average order values, 80% reductions in handling costs. For both sales and service applications, meaningful connections are created by personalized, human interactions, and are delivered at a fraction of the cost phone or email contact while dramatically improving agent productivity.
    • Contextual Engagement. As customers interact with a company’s mobile application or website prior to initiating a call, a rich set of user data, including phone number, login, recent browsing history and location, is captured and associated with the call to enable intelligent routing to the right contact center specialist, who is presented with this detailed information-the apps become the omni-channel link to the customer. Personal, relevant, context-aware and direct.
    • Across Channels. Customers can switch between applications, channels and communication modes consistently without loss of context. A user can dial an 800 number, bypass an IVR via an alert sent to the user’s smartphone, then engage in a live video session with an agent, all without the need to repeat information.
    • Visual IVR. Instead of traditional voice-driven automated service, customers can opt for IVR menus to be displayed visually within mobile and web applications, without listening to endless menus and struggling with voice recognition! Visual IVR, whether it’s through a website or mobile app, is a great way to eliminate one of the top reasons people dislike the call center experience.
    • No Wait on Hold. Rather than wait on hold, a customer can click within a company’s mobile or web application to request a return call from an agent. Call state information: agent wait times, queue position and other contact center data can be pushed to the customer’s smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. So they can with one tap on their smartphone request a call-back and avoid hold time.
    • Proactive Service Notification. Can be used to notify customers about account information or present personalized offers, e.g. a bill is due, an item has shipped, etc.
    • Sentiment Feedback. Allows you to tap into the Voice of the Customer by capturing real-time data and feedback at the conclusion of an interaction.
    • Selling on twitter. Automatically identify the twitter conversations regarding your products and push an offer in real-time.
    • Broad Data Sources. calltime retrieves and processes posts from a wide variety of sources including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Blogs. It also enables agents to engage directly with fan page followers through LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ fan pages
    • Agent Assistance Tools. calltime provides a suite of tools designed to increase the efficiency of contact center agents. Pre-approved responses for commonly asked questions can be provided to agents and business rules can trigger “Next Best Actions” to guide responses.
    • Rules Engine. The rules engine automatically tags posts based on priorities that you define. Posts can then be routed to agents or agent groups based on things like agent skillset or physical location. The rules engine helps to improve customer care by directing issues and questions to an agent who can provide the best possible support.
    • CRM Integration. calltime offers pre-packaged integration with Salesforce Service Cloud. calltime can retrieve information from a company’s proprietary CRM system to determine customer importance and enable responses to be prioritized based on customer value.
    • Analytics & Reporting. calltime offers the most advanced contact center reporting for social customer care. It provides over 25 out-of-the-box reports with the most popular metrics for adhering to service level agreements and offering brand insights.
    • Agent Coaching & Performance. Observe, coach and instruct your agents with a built-in real-time supervisory display. You can filter by workgroup and get instant data on performance including major SLA and KPI data.
    • Social Early Warning. calltime also provides a social early warning system, which allows agents to see immediate sentiment feedback from surveys presented to users through web and mobile applications. Agents can then respond to negative feedback immediately before complaints are posted publically and go viral on social channels.
    • Social Customer Service. Deliver answers anywhere. Let questions and comments from social media channels become part of your case queue. Route them through a single hub, and monitor and prioritize conversations by sentiment and influence. Then use insights from their online profiles to deliver better answers faster.
    • Social Media Monitoring. A single view to get in real-time an overview of your customer activity on social media.
    • Social Media Engagement. Interact with your customers on social media with a seamless cross-channel customer experience.
    • Social Media Management. Social Media Manager efficiently and automatically processes the social media interactions.
    • Identify influencers. Respond faster and more appropriately with a full view of customer activity and insights on social media.
    • Leverage facebook. Get the list of your facebook customer’s friends by email, SMS or during a Live chat.
    • Social Media to Website. Identify the visitors coming from your customers social circles and welcome them with amazing personal video chat.
    • Digital Marketing. Boost your website traffic posting your offers directly on your customer’s friend’s wall.
    • Knowledge. Get answers from every channel. Get accurate answers faster, wherever they live. From Google searches to social media, from business partners to self-service website queries. All making your contact center smarter. And customized to drive the right information to the right people.
    • Unified workspace. Optimize your company´s workflow by eliminating the redundant action of opening and searching through multiple systems with the customer on the phone.
    • Customize automation rules. Define automation rules when an event happens. Automatically create new tickets when agents receive a new call, when a voicemail is received and when a call is missed.
    • Train and evaluate agents. Ensure a positive customer experience and train your agents quickly by dropping in on live calls, listening to recorded calls and engaging in call conferencing when necessary.
    • Consolidated customer data. All of your interactions in one unified agent experience. Create and track. Route and escalate. Fully integrated with your company’s crm and back-office apps. Your agents will know more, work faster, and work smarter. Across all channels. All the time.
    • Support Flexible Staffing. Because calltime’s virtual call center solution is based in the cloud, all your agents need is a computer and an internet connection. They can work anywhere, anytime so you can be much more flexible and responsive to changes in demand. This means better response times when you’re busy and lower costs when you’re not.
    • Dashboards and Reports. Complete customer insight. No complicated setup, just the customer service metrics that are important to you. In real time. Add new reports and dashboards, or customize existing ones, without calling IT. It’s simple. Just drag and drop.
    • Visual Workflow. Streamline process management. Manage any support process. From call scripting and returns, to quotes and resolutions. Even automated approvals for critical processes. Get consistency and speed across every customer-service channel, from the call center to the web, all entirely in the cloud.
    • Make intelligent business decisions. Historical reports based on advanced charting and data transformation capabilities are presented in an intuitive dashboard. Make more informed decisions based on insightful information.
    • Add notes and collaborate easily. Agents can add and edit notes directly from the interface allowing for easy collaboration between agents and departments. Information is automatically synchronized with your systems ensuring that all agents are accessing accurate data.