Case Studies

We have helped many businesses just like yours!

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    OneTouch Direct (OTD) specializes in expert direct marketing program development and call center solutions in both the consumer and B2B segments. They understand the value of their client’s brand; they deliver positive, quality customer interactions for a consistent brand experience.

  • Gexel Telecom’s decide to keep their focus on call center services and not developing call center applications. They required IVR with outbound blending and the ability to record calls. We provided them with the scripting tool that replaced their in-house basic front-end application.

  • Marketlink is a leading provider of outsourced teleservices solutions. Founded in 1992 and headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, Marketlink has nearly 500 employees in 7 Midwest call centers and virtual agents in several states.

  • Filiassur is specialized in the design and distribution of insurance products for individuals. From customers expectations, Filiassur created offers to assist its members in the most difficult situations of life. Filiassur deployed Hermes.NET on its 3 call centers, based in Bordeaux and Le Havre (France) and Tunis.

  • Subsidiary of the 3S group, which has a turnover of 2 billions Euros in 2011 and 8000 employees, Mezzo is a multichannel contact center, specialized in customer relationship management.

  • Active Contact is a multi-channel call center, created in 2006 and located in Tunis. Specialist in customer relationship management, Active Contact is certified ISO 9001 V 2008. They have 80 seats on Hermes.NET, over 2 sites, and manage more than 6 millions of contacts per year.

  • “The All-In-One Contact Center Solution gives agents all cross-channel service capabilities, the most relevant information and a complete customer view within a powerful unified console. Every contact is handled fastly, and in an efficient way, to provide help and support as fast as wondered by our subscribers.”

  • CSL outsources a large part of Customer Relation Operations in Africa and France over 1000 seats. CSL with this big ambition has to rely on a solid contact center technology Partner with a Reliable Solution.

  • Aigle Azur acquires a flexible & state of art virtual contact center solution for call management for more than 50,000 calls/month. Through a unified interface the contact center is now able to manage all customers interactions to enhance customer service quality by increasing the first call resolution ratio.

  • One of the biggest challenges of this call center is how to manage different inquiries from over all the branches and gyms. Hermes.Net was set as a centralized call center solution integrated with the customer database and managing different channels to allow an easy way for all customers to keep in touch with their ideas and suggestions.

  • Specialized in advisory, training & a panel of legal services online, Groupe Revue Fiduciaire selected our contact center software to build its in-house customer service, managing customer inquiries, telemarketing, customer survey, debt collection & customers subscriptions renewal.

  • “Change a plane’s motor in the middle of a flight, with an improvement of productivity, an improvement of attention and resolution, an improvement of clients experience and, moreover, an increase of NPS (Net Promoter score) is a sample of the advantages of working with a supplier like Call Time” Fernando Galvache CIO de Sage España